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Vijaya Phyto Farm Private Limited was originally started as “Vijaya Nursery” in the year 1983, and was converted into a private limited company in 1992, and renamed as “Vijaya Phyto Farms Private Limited”. It has been involved in large scale cultivation and supply of ‘propagated’ and ‘grown-up’ plants of usable size, for sale to buyers in India.

The company is head quartered at Secunderabad, on Devara Yamjal Road in Hakimpet.With its professional management and high focus on quality in terms of work, VPFL has developed a rich technical expertise in horticulture, integrating the latest technologies in ‘propagation’ such as grafting, to specifically address the user needs with the timely delivery of quality fruit bearing plants, as its core competence. The company offers over 150 varieties of plants including tropical and sub tropical fruit plants,indoor plants,outdoor plants and avenue plant varieties. It has already emerged a market leader in tropical and sub tropical fruit plant varieties in the two-and-a-half and three year age band; and enjoys monopoly as the only cultivator of grafted grape plants in the country. Vijaya Phyto Farms has also been lauded for its contribution in preserving several endangered old fruit plants.

Vijaya Phyto Farms has undertaken several large scale turnaround Horticulture projects ranging from 3 to 400 acres across various districts in Andhra Pradesh. Although the company was mostly focused on fruit-orchard projects in Andhra Pradesh with rapid growth it has gradually started receiving orders for executing major ‘fruit-orchard’ projects in other parts of India as well.




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Our commitment to meet your growing needs through superior quality, We provide the best, most consistent plants with good qualilty.

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